How does brø work for cabin associations and contractors?

The cost of the system is usually charged on the cottage owners. You as an administrator can choose whether the cabin owners should pay for the service directly in our solution, or whether it should be baked into what they already pay today. Most people add the price a little so that cottage owners do not get an extra payment. 

As cabin association or contractor it is usually you who are responsible for the agreement with us. What the system costs you depends on, among other things, the size of the field, the number of drivers, etc. The price of our service is very competitive and we focus on satisfied customers. Norwegian Cabin Association have an agreement with us on reasonable prices.

Whether you are part of one cabin association or a plowing company you get access in the same way. Do you want a non-binding offer from us? click here.

In order for us to process your request, we will contact you by phone or email.

You are called administrator In our systems, this is a description you will come across quite often.

Administrator logs in here: The solution is adapted to the computer and is usually worked on from a computer.

Plow crews or cabin owners do not have access to this portal. They log in via their own apps, Brø and Brøytekart.

Do you want us to contact you for a review of the system? We give you a full introduction via Teams. Contact us via our contact pages:

Do you need help with anything?

We at Brø are always ready to help you, usually also well outside our opening hours. What we want from you before you send an inquiry or contact us by phone, is that you read through the text above to see if the problem can be solved by your administrator. Brø mainly helps with technical challenges with the service, the administrative work of connecting cabins and changes are made by your administrator. 

Below we show you some known errors that may occur for you as a user of brø If this does not solve the problem, you can contact us here or via your contact person with us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cache uses to make the pages load faster. Sometimes this can hang up.

Try this:
1. click on menu icons at the top right, select More tools and Developer Tools.
You can also click Ctrl + Shift + i at the same time to do the same action.

2. Click the arrow and select Applications.

3. Select Storage / Clear storage and click “Clear site data”

4. Close the panel you opened and refresh the page. Then everything should work fine! 🙂

Contact us if this did not solve the problem. 

Of course you can send a message to cottage owners or property owners.
You can choose between sending to one, several or an entire field, easily and included in the price. With us, there are no hidden fees for using SMS and other solutions.